Michelle Lesueur, BEP, CNC, CSN, CPT

May 29, 2017

On April 28, 2017 my daughters invited (expected) my wife and I to attend a Vasayo presentation by Michelle LeSueur Vice President of Product Education.  I went without too much foot dragging and was alerted that I should listen more closely when Michelle started talking about interactions between the Neuro product and the Energy product, as well as the Sleep product's effects on the kidneys and Rem sleep at night.  
It was shortly after this presentation that my interest in Vasayo perked up and I established this website and began to document what had occurred so far and what the scientific research behind the product interactions were suggesting as the reasons for the noted results.

Michele suggested that the reason that the Sleep product didn't put me to sleep (she wasn't talking to me, but what she said applied to me) was because I was overstimulated by a combination of late eating and over exposure to light after dark.  

She recommended no eating at least three hours before sleeping so that my body is able to rest and restore my kidneys instead of processing the food in my belly. To stop the overexposure to daylight, I put a filter on my PC to use a bluer light after dark instead of the brighter daylight that PC's normally use (f.lux.com).  The combination 

As a result of my light filtering and eating restraint (which I admit was a bad habit), I have an almost instant collapse at night into sleep and awaken more refreshed than before I stopped late eating and light filtering.  

Today I stepped up my interest level again and located and bought a copy of Michelle's book "Willing to Change. Can you beat genetics?"  I am looking forward to reading it and posting what I learn.