My Journey of Discovery

April 5, 2017

In November 2016, I heard about a startup company that was recruiting a sales force for a revolutionary nutritional supplement product line.  They were generating a lot of excitement among a broad audience.  The financial rewards were distributed quite differently than usual, essentially crowd funding the investment in product design, marketing and outsourcing product manufacture and rewarding their brand partner investments according to their sales performance.

The early adopter opportunity was laid out before me and I said NO.  

Not interested!  What if the product is a bust?  Or worse, what if it harms someone.  Until I have a product in hand that I can try.  I'm not interested.

My wife, on the other hand, said OK, sort of.  She signed up as a brand partner, for the minimum.  My daughters went all the way, bought the biggest packages they could afford and told everyone they know to get on ASAP.

The buzz increased as the delivery date for the product neared.  Everyone was excited [and scared] to try out the product.  After all, the five formulations were all based on scientific research and nutritional formulations that were known to provide beneficial nutrient bio-availability for cellular metabolism.  So of course everyone wanted to "try" one or more of the formulations.  

So did I. A squirt here, a capsule there, and a sample - "just try it"!

What I never expected - Surprise!  

Color started returning to the roots of my grey hair [Core].

The fuzziness in my memory and speech lessened [Neuro].

My energy and vigor rolled back to my 40's [Energy].

I know what you are thinking.  Placebo effect!  Bogus snake oil.  

The effects were so unexpected I started exploring the reasons for the changes I was experiencing. I started investigating the latest scientific studies on the effects of nutritional under nourishment.  Diseases that are related to an increasingly deficient diet of "enriched", "fortified", "bleached", "sugared" and "preserved" foods.

This blog is my diary of an on-going journey of discovery into an up-to-now "hidden" world of information that I am just now discovering for myself.  I hope you enjoy my journey of discovery along with me.